St. Andrew's Anglican Church

Date Teacher Topic

   A Study of the Church   

2 February 2020 Rev. T.J. Thigpen St. Andrew's Anglican Church, as Part of the Body
26 January 2020
(Partial Audio Recording)
Rev. T.J. Thigpen The Parts of the Body
12 January 2020 Rev. Phil Lyman Church Polity
5 January 2020 Rev. T.J. Thigpen The Body of Christ

   What is man, that Thou art mindful of him?   

26 May 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman Man & Woman in the Image of God
12 May 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman Man & Woman Under God's Good Hand
5 May 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman
7 April 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman Matter Matters
31 March 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman Male and Female — Ontological Equality and Economic Subordination
17 March 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman Made in the Image of God
10 March 2019 Rev. Phil Lyman Biblical Anthropology

   A Study of the Liturgy   

25 November 2018 Rev. Phil Lyman The Centrality of Scripture in Worship
18 November 2018 Rev. Phil Lyman The Collect of the Day
11 November 2018 Rev. Phil Lyman The Gloria
28 October 2018 Rev. Phil Lyman Common Prayer
14 October 2018 Rev. Phil Lyman Approaching the Most High
7 October 2018 Rev. T.J. Thigpen Ceremony
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